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You can drink with us!


EverClearChannel Communications Is ON THE AIR!

The 9 month broadcasting silence comes to an auspicious end!

Fans of The Real Happy Hour have no doubt noticed the absence of new material since September of last year. What you may not know is that the source of the blackout originated with EverClearChannel Communications (ECCC), our loosely affiliated, not entirely associated "network". For details on the programming blackout, CLICK HERE. The good news is that the technical snafu has apparently been repaired, and ECCC has a network feed that is currently being re-implemented to the sources you are all familiar with.

Download the first new installment of ECCC's Relaxed-Standards® Media Network Feed HERE.

Much has changed in the intervening months, including a move for Kurt and Estry, not to mention a number of adventures just around the corner this summer. Nevertheless, the gang is doing its best to adapt to changing circumstances, and the new activity at ECCC is a happy harbinger of things to come. New developments are coming along at a rapid pace, so if you'd like to be a part of the TRHH future, head over to, register and be a part of the new ECCC Community! And don't forget to invite your friends!


EPISODE 24 - The Education of Randal Throckmorten Bachin

The first all-audio edition of the new video version of The Real Happy Hour is now online!

If you've ever struck out with a woman, this show is for you. If you've ever succeeded in not striking out, so to speak, then you also need to listen, to realize how incredibly lucky you are.

If you're a woman and seem to have guys striking out with you all the time, listen to this show and find out the reasons behind the disappointing performances. If you're a woman and have had some experience of guys doing well with you, it's critical that you listen so you can drop to your knees and appreciate your outrageous good fortune.

Then, once you've asborbed the knowledge in the show, log into the TRHH Forum by clicking HERE, and show off a little.

Download Episode 24 here.

EPISODE 23 - The Pilot

The wait is finally over!

Passed on by the parent company, EverClearChannel Communications, the cast of TRHH decides to create the groundbreaking pilot episode of their video podcast themselves.

Join Kurt, Eggs and Estry in Studio A as they stain the visual end of the electromagnetic spectrum with this first full-length video installment of the show.

Download Episode 23 now!

Join the TRHH Frappr and Spread the Love

Our friend Ozjmu was kind enough to set up a Frappr map for The Real Happy Hour. Just click here and add your name and location to the map. It's the next best thing to a community chorus of Kumbaya, and you won't risk spilling your drink.


Father Spoon's TRHH Sign Ginerator

TRHH and The Gin. It's more than just a hobby, an interest, or even a Passion. It's a way of life. Father Spoon has created a great way for us to have fun with our faith: The TRHH Church of The Gin Sign Ginerator.

What better way to nudge your self-righteous friends? Or family? So click over to the Sign Ginerator and slap some savvy sacrilege up for the flock!



TRHH Live Chat and Studio A Webcam

The TRHH Family now has a room for live chat meeting- the perfect environment for a real Happy Hour! We'll also leave Studio A Webcam up as often as we can, so stop by, meet the cast and the rest of the family, and have a Gin!

Just follow this link, to try it out. We'll see you there!



Top Stories | About TRHH | Get Toasted | Liquor News

Get Yourself Toasted on TRHH and Get a FREE T-shirt!

Every episode, we toast someone on the show. Now, if it's you, you'll receive a FREE TRHH T-Shirt! Get a sartorial upgrade and find yourself immortalized in an installment of The Real Happy Hour! Is that great or what? But how does one come to be toasted on the show? Who knows! Inspire us! Persuade us to give you the toast and a shirt and baby, it's all yours. And it goes without saying that the more interesting your attention grabbing efforts, the more entertaining shall be thy toast. Ok, get busy!

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About The Real Happy Hour

Are you new to The Real Happy Hour podcast? TRHH is an outrageous comedy series that is conceived and produced in the unlikely rural setting of Low Point, Illinois. The show parodies the idea of a small town, middle-America showbiz enterprise, a podcast, of humble beginnings, that somehow draws a group of media industry misfits for a staff. This unlikely blend of childhood friends sharing drinks and laughs, with a bizarre roster of pseudo-celebrity caricatures makes for a surprisingly funny, offbeat and entertaining show.

Join Eggs, Kurt and Estry as the saga unfolds and you'll find out why "You Can Drink With Us!"

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Top Stories | About TRHH | Get Toasted | Liquor News

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